Ctags를 설치하려는데 exuberant-ctags가 설치가 됩니다

apt-get install ctags

이렇게 명령을 치면

주의, ctags 대신에 exuberant-ctags 패키지를 선택합니다 이렇게 뜨면서 exuberant-ctags가 설치가 되네요

이넘은 ctags -R 이게 먹히지가 않습니다

exuberant-ctags 이게 설치되어 있을때 ctags -R과 같은 처리를 하는 명령어가 뭔가요? 도움말을 봐도 모르겠네요

ctags 명령어
-R Equivalent to --recurse.

exuberant-ctags 명령어
-a Append the tags to an existing tag file.
-B Use backward searching patterns (?..?).
-e Output tag file for use with Emacs.
-f <name>
Write tags to specified file. Value of "-" writes tags to stdout
["tags"; or "TAGS" when -e supplied].
-F Use forward searching patterns (/…/) (default).
-h <list>
Specify list of file extensions to be treated as include files.
-I <list|@file>
A list of tokens to be specially handled is read from either the
command line or the specified file.
-L <file>
A list of source file names are read from the specified file.
If specified as "-", then standard input is read.
-n Equivalent to --excmd=number.
-N Equivalent to --excmd=pattern.
-o Alternative for -f.
-R Equivalent to --recurse.
-u Equivalent to --sort=no.
-V Equivalent to --verbose.
-x Print a tabular cross reference file to standard output.
Should tags should be appended to existing tag file [no]?
Include reference to ‘file’ in Emacs-style tag file (requires -e).
Exclude files and directories matching ‘pattern’.
Uses the specified type of EX command to locate tags [mix].
Include extra tag entries for selected information (flags: "fq").
Include selected extension fields (flags: "afmikKlnsStz") [fks].
Should tags scoped only for a single file (e.g. "static" tags
be included in the output [yes]?
Behave as a filter, reading file names from standard input and
writing tags to standard output [no].
Specify string to print to stdout following the tags for each file
parsed when --filter is enabled.
Force output of specified tag file format [2].
Print this option summary.
Should C code within #if 0 conditional branches be parsed [no]?
Enable/disable tag kinds for language <LANG>.
Define a new language to be parsed with regular expressions.
Override default mapping of language to source file extension.
Force all files to be interpreted using specified language.
Restrict files scanned for tags to those mapped to langauges
specified in the comma-separated ‘list’. The list can contain any
built-in or user-defined language [all].
Print details of software license.
Should #line directives be processed [no]?
Indicate whether symbolic links should be followed [yes].
Output a list of all tag kinds for specified language or all.
Output list of supported languages.
Output list of language mappings.
Specify file from which command line options should be read.
Recurse into directories supplied on command line [no].
Define regular expression for locating tags in specific language.
Should tags be sorted (optionally ignoring case) [yes]?.
Should paths be relative to location of tag file [no; yes when -e]?
Print statistics about source and tag files [no].
Enable verbose messages describing actions on each source file.
Print version identifier to standard output.

해결 됐네요 우분투에서는 etags를 사용하면 되는군요

-R 옵션이 ctags에서 안 먹힌다는 게 정확히 어떤 뜻인가요? ctags나 etags나 결국은 같은 프로그램인데, 한 쪽에서 먹히고 한 쪽에서는 안 먹힌다는 게 잘 이해가 안 가는데요. 참고로, 저는 ctags로 -R 옵션이 잘 먹힙니다.

#ctags 했더니


이렇게 목록이 뜨길래 모두 설치를 했거든요 ^^;;;