Freenx 클라이언트로 접속할려고 하는데 에러가 뜹니다

Info: Proxy running in client mode with pid ‘19014’.
Session: Starting session at ‘Fri May 15 20:30:38 2009’.
Info: Connecting to remote host ‘’.
Info: Connection to remote proxy ‘’ established.
Error: The remote NX proxy closed the connection.
Error: Failure negotiating the session in stage ‘7’.
Error: Wrong version or invalid session authentication cookie.
Session: Terminating session at ‘Fri May 15 20:30:43 2009’.
Session: Session terminated at ‘Fri May 15 20:30:43 2009’.

이게 당췌 무슨소리인지…

-_-? 뭐죠???