Ubuntu->XP remote desktop problem


I enabled Remote Desktop on the XP box, and opened port 3389 on my router and forwarded it to the IP of the XP machine. I’m using the same IP and port to connect from Remote Desktop on the Ubuntu box, but always get a connection refused error. I ran netstat -a on the XP box and did a port scan on the XP box from the Linux box and neither showed 3389 as an open port, which makes me wonder if Remote Desktop is really enabled in Windows.
I decided to try VNC instead and had a little more success connecting to a TightVNC server running on the XP box. I can connect and see whatever is already on the XP screen, but cannot control the remote cursor - it appears to be in some kind of Read Only mode. I did grab the cursor in the VNC client using CTRL-ALT, but cursor movements in the client are not mirrored on the server, and I can’t click on anything or have any control at all over the XP box.
I’m looking for some kind of solution to allow remote access and I don’t really care whether it is Remote Desktop, VNC or something else. Any suggestions appreciated.

Please help.

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https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic ... 6&t=101942

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